Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of EDUMIGROM works closely with the Steering Committee and the entire consortium, advising on methodology, scope, quality and overall scientific excellence of the project. The Advisory Board is comprised of the following individuals:


Nicoleta Bitu
Senior Policy Consultant
Open Society Institute, Joint Romani Women’s Initiative

Will Kymlicka
Canada Research Chair in Political Philosophy
Department of Philosophy, Queen’s University, Ontario

Yvonne Leeman
Associate Professor
University for Humanistics, Utrecht
Windesheim University, Zwolle

Ivo Mozny
Professor of sociology and social philosophy
Masaryk University, Brno

Michael Stewart
Senior Lecturer in Anthropology
University College London
Recurrent Visiting Professor in Nationalism Studies
Central European University, Budapest

Verena Stolcke
Professor of Social Anthropology
Department of Social Anthropology and Prehistory
Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona