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Ethnic Differences in Education Shown to Reinforce Inequalities


Despite policies of inclusion, compulsory education for all, and attempts at establishing multiculturalist arrangements in schools across Europe, minority ethnic students face segregation and discrimination that reinforce, perpetuate, and often even deepen their socio-economic disadvantages. This is the overall conclusion of a comparative research project conducted in nine European countries led by Associate Professor Julia Szalai, a sociologist and recognized expert on Roma and minority rights.

New publications: Policy recommendations in the domestic context

EDUMIGROM publishes its policy recommendations to deepen the discussions on policies that might enhance social inclusion of ethnic minority youth in education.

New publication: EDUMIGROM Final Study

'Contested Issues of Social Inclusion through Education in Multiethnic Communities across Europe', the final study of the three-year project EDUMIGROM has been published.

New publication by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

Fundamental rights: challenges and achievements in 2010. The Annual report from the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights draws on EDUMIGROM's 2010 Ethnic Differences in Education in Hungary: Survey Report, authored by Julia Szalai and Vera Messing, with contributions from Anna Szasz.

New publication: EDUMIGROM Summary Findings

'Ethnic Differences in Education and Diverging Prospects for Urban Youth in an Enlarged Europe' - EDUMIGROM publishes its summary findings report.

EDUMIGROM panel at the ASN Annual Convention

EDUMIGROM team presented at the Association for the Study of Nationalities 16th Annual World Convention. The ASN Annual Convention was held at Columbia University (New York, USA) on April 14-16, 2011.

EDUMIGROM publishes its last Newsletter in March 2011

The last Newsletter shares the latest updates on the project, focusing mainly on  the project`s closing conference, introduces the personal reflections of project colleagues involved in EDUMIGROM’s fieldwork and spotlights the recent publications.

New publication: EDUMIGROM publishes a new comparative paper

'Being ‘Visibly Different’: Experiences of Second-generation Migrant and Roma Youths at School' - EDUMIGROM publishes its comparative community report.

EDUMIGROM in the Czech Republic

Based on research findings collected during EDUMIGROM project, the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University held a community-based dissemination event in Brno on February 22.

EDUMIGROM in Slovakia

The Institute for Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences held the project's closing dissemination event in Bratislava on February 22.

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