Hungary (CEU CPS)

Center for Policy Studies
Central European University
Budapest, Hungary

The Central European University (CEU) is an internationally recognized, non-state institution of post-graduate education in social sciences and humanities accredited in Hungary. The Center for Policy Studies (CPS) is an academic unit within the CEU dedicated to analyzing public policy and developing research and teaching programs. It is committed to developing indigenous policy capacities in the region and has established a masters program in public policy, mentors policy research fellowships and takes part in many European-funded comparative and applied research projects. Anti-discrimination and social equality is one of the major topics of its research agenda.

Team Leader and Consortium Director: Dr. Violetta Zentai
Principal Researcher: Dr. Julia Szalai
Research Fellow and Research Coordinator: Dr. Vera Messing
Project Manager: Lilla Jakobs
Junior Researcher: Anna Szasz