Closing Conference

Closing Conference

Ethnic Differences in Education across Europe

11 -12 February 2011

Central European University (Budapest, Hungary)
Venue: Auditorium


Program: Ethnic Differences in Education across Europe (Download)

Relying on the results of comparative surveys and qualitative fieldwork in multiethnic communities in the nine participating countries (Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom), presentations at the conference discussed how children from ethnic minority and Roma backgrounds perform and advance in comparison to their majority peers. Frequent marginalisation and early exclusion of students from “visibly” differing minority backgrounds were analysed in the context of the different school systems and against the diverse traditions of interethnic cohabitation. Causes and practices of ethnicised selection and segregation among and within schools as well as attempts at inclusive and multicultural education were revisited in their affects on students’ school performance, their opportunities for advancement, their identity development, and the shaping of their interethnic relations within and outside the school. Based on such multisided comparisons, the Conference rose a discussion how frequent experiences of discrimination and “othering” influence the self-perception and self-esteem of young people and how such experiences contribute to the widespread feeling of devaluation and misrecognition. The presentations introduced young people’s ideas about their longer-term future: in this context, attempts at becoming integrated as well as practices pointing toward an ethnic enclosure were demonstrated. Drawing on the findings, in its final section the Conference addressed the steps that could be taken in order to make a difference in education. Possible educational strategies pointing toward enhancing social inclusion through education in the different Member States and at the European level were discussed.


Minorities and Education: Setting the Framework

Friedrich Heckmann : Education and Migration strategies for the successful integration of migrant children in European schools and societies (Presentation)

Jana Huttova: Integration and Diversity in Education in Europe (Presentation)

Introducing the EDUMIGROM Research Project

Vera Messing: Methodological issues and research tools (Presentation)

Societies, Schools and Students

Eniko Vincze: Variations on Ethnic Selection in Education: Causes, Needs and Consequences (Abstract)

Bolette Moldenhawer: Territorial Stigmatization: local community forces and positioning of schools in the field of education (Abstract, Presentation)

Zuza Kusá: School Achievements of Ethnic Minority Youths: Factors behind the Majority-Minority Gap (Abstract, Presentation)

Schools as Sites of Social and Ethnic Relations

Margit Feischmidt: Variations in School Practices on Shaping Adolescent Identities and Interethnic Relations (Abstract, Presentation)

Claire Schiff: Student-teacher Interethnic Relations : from national frameworks to adolescent subjectivities (Abstract)

Sarah Swann: The Voices of Community Representatives and Parents (Abstract, Presentation)

Jenny Kallstenius & Kristina Sonmark: Practices of Othering in Multiethnic Schools and Communities (Abstract, Presentation)

Identities, Identity Strategies, and Images about the Future

Mária Neményi: Identity Formation and Identity Strategies among Ethnic Minority Adolescents (Abstract, Presentation)

Sabine Mannitz: Imagined Futures: How Ethnic Minority Adolescents see themselves in Adulthood (Abstract, Presentation)

Radim Marada: The Impact of Self-Image on School Performance and Educational Careers among Ethnic Minority Youth (Abstract, Presentation)


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