Hungary (IS HAS)

Institute of Sociology
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Budapest, Hungary

The Institute of Sociology of the HungarianAcademy of Sciences was founded in 1963. Since its conception, it has been the leading institution in shaping the profile of Hungarian sociology through innovative theoretical and methodological experimentation, key contributions to postgraduate training, intense participation in the elaboration of progressive reforms for democratic institution-building, as well as extensive presence in international academic activities. Since the early 1990s, IS HAS has become one of the core institutions of the East-Central European region in comparative studies on the social, political, economic and cultural problems of the post-communist transition, and also a key participant in a range of East-West joint research projects on poverty, employment, gender relations, household formations and daily living, childcare, healthcare, schooling, the shaping of the welfare mix, policies of redistribution, etc.

Team Leader: Dr. Maria Nemenyi
Researchers: Dr. Csaba Dupcsik
  Dr. Ferenc Eros
  Dr. Margit Feischmidt
  Agnes Kende
  Dr. Emilia Molnar
  Roza Vajda
  Dr. Zsuzsanna Vidra