Slovakia (IS SAS)

Institute for Sociology
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Bratislava, Slovakia

The Institute for Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences is a pivotal domestic centre of the academic research in sociology. Its research program focuses on social stratification and inequalities, civil society and citizenship, modernization and democratization processes, social identities, public discourse and perception of social change. The institute’s staff is also involved in teaching at institutions of higher learning, including Comenius University in Bratislava and many are tutors of the Ph.D. students. The Institute publishes the bimonthly professional journal Sociologia founded in 1968. Researchers participate in many international research projects, including the FP5 project and the European Values Study programs. Several research projects were done in cooperation with CHUO University Tokyo. The Institute for Sociology also operates the Coordinate Centre for the UNESCO Programme MOST.

Team Leader: Dr. Zuza Kusa
Researchers: Peter Dral
  Dr. David Kostlan
  Jurina Rusnakova