Links and Library

The EDUMIGROM project aims to actively seek dialogue and develop forms of cooperation with initiatives and organisations interested in related issues, in addition to sharing research results and recommendations with stakeholder communities. The project is of particular interest to the following audience:

  • Scientific community teaching and researching on education, schools, interethnic relations, marginalisation, minoritisation, issues of citizenship, social inclusion;
  • Policy communities on the national and European level (respective government and parliamentary bodies, human rights and minority organisations);
  • Policy-makers and practitioners in education, social service providers, social workers, community development specialists; 

The following link collection aims to assist our homepage visitors to connect to initiatives and organisations working on our common fields of interest, as well as provide information on relevant policy documents produced on the European level.

European Commission: Relevant thematic areas, policy reports and more…

Related initiatives and organisations: Initiatives in the areas of youth, education, citizenship and participation, multi-ethnic communities…

Library: a continuously updated collection of resource materials relevant to EDUMIGROM's agenda.