Eniko Vincze

Eniko Vincze is an anthropologist and a university professor at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj. Her main research interest is on ethnicity, nationalism, women, feminism, gender and ethnicity, and Romani women. Her recent publications include several books (i.e. Social exclusion at the crossroads of gender, ethnicity and class. A view through Roma women’s reproductive health / Excluderea sociala la intersectia dintre gen, etnicitate si clasa. O privire prin prisma sanatatii reproducerii la femeile Rome, Cluj: EFES, 2006), journal articles (i.e. "Reproducing Inequalities through Reproductive Control. The case of Romani women from Romania", in The Anthropology of East Europe Review, Special issue on Roma, Volume 25, Number 2, Fall 2007, 108-121), studies in volumes (i.e. "Romanian Gender Regimes and Women's Citizenship", in Women and Citizenship in Central and Eastern Europe,edited by Jasmina Lukic, Joanna Regulska and Darja Zavirsek, Ashgate, 2006, 21-39). In addition she edited numerous collective volumes (ex. Femei si barbati in Clujul multietnic [Women and Men in the Multiethnic Cluj], Cluj: Desire, 2001), and also directed a film on Roma women’s access to reproductive health (Red Poppies, 2006).

E-mail: eni_personal@yahoo.com