Sabine Mannitz

Sabine Mannitz has been a senior researcher at PRIF since 2002 and member of the Executive Board since 2005. An anthropologist and political scientist by training, Mannitz specialized on urban anthropology, institutional socialization, the study of migration and processes of categorical boundary construction. On the grounds of extensive fieldwork she published several articles on the processes of civic enculturation among the offspring of post-war labor immigrants in Germany. Previous posts include a research fellowship at the Institute for Comparative Cultural and Social Anthropology of European University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder 1996-1999 and occupation as research officer at the Sociology Department of University of Essex, Colchester/UK 2000-2002. Her current research deals with questions of diversity and minority rights in German society on the one hand, and with dynamics of internationalization and national processes of collective imagery adaptation in military institutions on the other. Among her relevant publications are several contributions to the volume Civil Enculturation: Nation-State, School and Ethnic Difference in The Netherlands, Britain, Germany, and France, edited by Werner Schiffauer, Gerd Baumann, Riva Kastoryano and Steven Vertovec, Oxford & New York (Berghahn Books), 2004, a longitudinal study on the integration of immigrant youths in Berlin: Die verkannte Integration. Eine Langzeitstudie unter Heranwachsenden aus Immigrantenfamilien, Bielefeld (transcript), 2006, and several articles on the issue, most recently: Integration und Individualisierung: Heranwachsende aus Immigrantenfamilien auf steinigen Wegen zur eigenen Lebensführung, in: Reinhard Johler, Ansgar Thiel, Josef Schmid, Rainer Treptow (eds.), Europa und seine Fremden. Die Gestaltung kultureller Vielfalt als Herausforderung, Bielefeld (transcript-Verlag) 2007.