Czech Republic (MUNI)

Faculty of Social Studies
Masaryk University
Brno, Czech Republic

Project website in Czech at Masaryk University

Masaryk University (Czech Republic), located in Brno, is the second biggest public university-type school in the Czech Republic and the first in the Moravia region. It is recognized as one of the most significant institutions of education and research in the Czech Republic and a respected university with democratic traditions advocated since its establishment in 1919. The Faculty of Social Studies (FSS MU) focuses on both education and research in several disciplinary fields. It is fully committed to linking educational activities with its own research projects. Research at the FSS MU is organized under several separate institutes and addresses issues such as social exclusion and inclusion, poverty, migration, political development of the Central European region, and social and health risks of personality development and their impact on young people.

Team Leader: Dr. Radim Marada
Researchers: Michal Nekorjak
  Dr. Katerina Sidiropulu Janku
  Dr. Csaba Szalo
Research Coordinator: Martina Haltufova