ACCEPT PLURALISM: Handbook on Tolerance and Cultural Diversity

The Handbook on Tolerance and Cultural Diversity in Europe was published within the ACCEPT PLURALISM project. Geared toward teacher-trainers, the Handbook is intended primarily for use in programmes that prepare teachers to serve in high schools in Europe. 

Going beyond toleration? Should liberal-democratic states also recognize collective identities?

Center for Policy Studies cordially invites you to a roundtable discussion held on March 8, 2012 at 5.30 p.m. in CEU Auditorium.

Ethnic Differences in Education Shown to Reinforce Inequalities


Despite policies of inclusion, compulsory education for all, and attempts at establishing multiculturalist arrangements in schools across Europe, minority ethnic students face segregation and discrimination that reinforce, perpetuate, and often even deepen their socio-economic disadvantages. This is the overall conclusion of a comparative research project conducted in nine European countries led by Associate Professor Julia Szalai, a sociologist and recognized expert on Roma and minority rights.

Ethnicity, Nationalism and Education

Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, a tri-annual, fully refereed journal published jointly by the Association for the Study of Nationalism and Ethnicity and Wiley-Blackwell, invites the submission of interdisciplinary articles on issues pertaining to nationalism, ethnicity and related themes.

Review of EU Framework National Roma Integration Strategies

This publication comprises evaluations conducted by Open Society Foundations of the National Roma Integration Strategies submitted by the governments of Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia, and the 2010–2013 Roma Integration Concept submitted by the Czech Government in lieu of a strategy. 

OSF Policy Brief: Monitoring and Evaluation – A Roadmap to Results on Roma Inclusion

This policy brief by Sandor Karacsony, consultant to the Open Society Foundations, outlines a results-based monitoring and evaluation framework for Roma inclusion policies.

Education Conference: Diverse Talents for the future of Europe

International conference “Diverse talents for the future of Europe” will be held in Brussels on 5-6 March 2012. The conference is organised by the Federation of Active Associations of Belgium (Fedactio), an umbrella organization endeavouring for social cohesion together with a number of universities and institutions.

EDUMIGROM featured in the European Consultation Symposium in Brussels

Dr. Vera Messing took part in the European Consultation Symposium "Measures to combat educational disadvantage" in Brussels (December 8-9, 2011).

EDUMIGROM findings presented at "Youth and Social Inclusion" conference

Dr. Julia Szalai and Dr. Viola Zentai presented the papers on EDUMIGROM research results at the  policy conference "Youth and Social Inclusion" 'Social inclusion of youth on the margins of society: more opportunities, better access, and higher solidarity' in Brussels (November 17-18, 2011).

Youth and Extremism Symposium

Dr. Vera Messing took part in the Youth and Extremism Symposium in Budapest (November 28-30, 2011) drawing attention to the EDUMIGROM research results.