EDUMIGROM featured in a collection of insights from European research

EDUMIGROM featured in a briefing packet on "Pluralism and religious diversity, social cohesion and integration in Europe", a collection of insights from European research. 

New publication: EDUMIGROM publishes a new comparative paper

Ethnic and Social Differences in Education in a Comparative Perspective - EDUMIGROM publishes its comparative survey study by Julia Szalai, Vera Messing and Maria Nemenyi.

New publications: Community Studies published for France, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Sweden and England

Community Studies on ethnic difference in education have been published for France, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Sweden and England. The studies focused on how the school and the wider social environment influenced school performance, the formation of identity and future aspirations of adolescent youth in a multiethnic environment.

No Social Justice Possible without Roma Inclusion

Upholding the fundamental rights of Roma is a vital precondition for peace and social cohesion in Europe, writes José Manuel Fresno, Adviser for Ethnic Minorities in the European Union and President of Spain’s Council for Equal Treatment and Non-discrimination, in the December 2010 issue of Alliance magazine.

Ethnic Differences in Education across Europe. Potentials and Limitations of Social Inclusion through Education for Young People from Second-Generation Migrant and Roma Backgrounds

Our research team is pleased to invite you to attend the Project’s closing conference to be held on 11–12 February, 2011 in Budapest.

EDUMIGROM publishes its fourth Newsletter in November 2010

The fourth Newsletter shares the latest updates on the project and its outputs, spotlights three communities in which research was conducted and introduces the personal reflections of project colleagues involved in EDUMIGROM’s fieldwork. 


Ending child poverty within the EU?

Ending child poverty within the EU? - a review of the 2008-2010 national strategy reports on social protection and social inclusion has been published by eurochild, an organization promoting the welfare and rights of children and young people.

Decade Watch - Results of the 2009 Survey

Decade Watch, an initiative of Roma activists supported by the Open Society Foundations and the World Bank, has issued Decade Watch: Results of the 2009 Survey, its third report assessing government action toward implementing commitments made under the Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005–2015.

EDUMIGROM project represented in Brussels

"European pluralism: religions,tolerance and values" workshop includes EDUMIGROM.

Three EDUMIGROM papers presented in Athens

EDUMIGROM presented at the Midterm Conference 2010 of the Sociology of Education Research Network, European Sociological Association.