Project Management

The project is coordinated from Budapest by the Center for Policy Studies at the Central European University (CEU CPS). The Center bears overall responsibility for the project, both in terms of providing scientific leadership and effective management, while observing and supporting the intellectual and administrative independence of all partner institutions.


Coordinating Team

Dr. Violetta Zentai - Consortium Director
Dr. Julia Szalai - Principal Researcher
Dr. Vera Messing - Research Fellow and Research Coordinator
Lilla Jakobs - Project Manager

Steering Committee

Marcus Carson - Team Leader, SU
Lilla Jakobs - Project Manager, CEU CPS
Zuzana Kusa - Team Leader, IS SAS
Ian Law - Team Leader, UNIVLEEDS                 
Eniko Magyari-Vincze  - Team Leader, UBB
Vera Messing - Research Coordinator, CEU CPS
Sabine Mannitz - Team Leader, PRIF
Radim Marada - Team Leader, MUNI
Bolette Moldenhawer - Team Leader, UCPH
Maria Nemenyi - Team Leader, IS HAS
Claire Schiff - Team Leader, UVSB
Julia Szalai - Principal Researcher, CEU CPS
Violetta Zentai - Consortium Director and Team Leader, CEU CPS

Advisory Board

Nicoleta Bitu - OSI Joint Romani Women’s Initiative
Will Kymlicka - Queen’s University, Ontario
Yvonne Leeman - University for Humanistics, Utrecht; Windesheim University, Zwolle
Ivo Mozny - Masaryk University, Brno
Michael Stewart - University College London; Central European University Budapest
Verena Stolcke - Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona

Ethical Review Board

Gabor Halmai - Eotvos Lorand University, Hungary
Jasmina Lukic - Central European University, Hungary
Fiona Williams - University of Leeds, UK