New publication: Roma migration to and from Canada

A new e-book 'Roma Migration to and from Canada: The Czech, Hungarian and Slovak Case' edited by CPS researcher Zsuzsanna Vidra has been published by CEU CPS.

Policy review of the Youth Research Cluster on Social Inclusion

The policy review on ‘Social inclusion of youth on the margins of society: more opportunities, better access and higher solidarity’ was written by Dagmar Kutsar, University of Tartu, and Helena Helve, University of Helsinki.

EDUMIGROM featured in the European Consultation Symposium in Brussels

Dr. Vera Messing took part in the European Consultation Symposium "Measures to combat educational disadvantage" in Brussels (December 8-9, 2011).

EDUMIGROM findings presented at "Youth and Social Inclusion" conference

Dr. Julia Szalai and Dr. Viola Zentai presented the papers on EDUMIGROM research results at the  policy conference "Youth and Social Inclusion" 'Social inclusion of youth on the margins of society: more opportunities, better access, and higher solidarity' in Brussels (November 17-18, 2011).

Youth and Extremism Symposium

Dr. Vera Messing took part in the Youth and Extremism Symposium in Budapest (November 28-30, 2011) drawing attention to the EDUMIGROM research results.

EDUMIGROM published in new online journal

The Institute of Sociology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences published a new online journal at www.socio.hu. The first issue includes an article summarizing the "Ethnic Differences in Education" (EDUMIGROM) project led by the Center for Policy Studies at CEU. 

EDUMIGROM findings presented at "Challenge Social Innovation" conference

Dr. Julia Szalai introduced the main findings of EDUMIGROM in the presentation "Social inclusion through education in multiethnic communities across Europe" given at "Challenge Social Innovation" conference in Vienna (19-21 September, 2011).  

EDUMIGROM findings presented at "Urban Education" conference

Dr. Vera Messing presented a paper "Experiences of second generation migrant and Roma adolescent youth in European urban schools" at "Urban Education" conference in Berlin (13-16 September, 2011). 

New publications: Policy recommendations in the domestic context

EDUMIGROM publishes its policy recommendations to deepen the discussions on policies that might enhance social inclusion of ethnic minority youth in education.

EDUMIGROM panel at the ASN Annual Convention

EDUMIGROM team presented at the Association for the Study of Nationalities 16th Annual World Convention. The ASN Annual Convention was held at Columbia University (New York, USA) on April 14-16, 2011.