Project Phases and Work Packages

The EDUMIGROM project will be accomplished in 5 major phases which are implemented by 12 work packages (WPs). Phases are distinct in nature and content, while some overlap in timing.

Phase 1
will focus on the preparation of the project, and the collection and processing of macro-level data and information with three adjacent goals in mind: to provide ample information for the multi-level selection of samples for surveys, community and school case studies, and personal interviews; to supply the comprehensive country studies on education and ethnic relations; to inform cross-country comparisons on minority ethnic youth in education.

  • WP 1 Start-up and preparation
  • WP 2 Education in domestic contexts
  • WP 3 Ethnic relations in domestic contexts
  • WP 4 Comparative analysis on education and ethnic relations

Phase 2
will be dedicated to the production, processing, and analysis of quantitative data from community-level surveys in local schools in the participating countries.

  • WP 5 Surveys on students
  • WP 6 Comparative survey analysis

Phase 3
will comprise research activities in relation to the production, collation, and analysis of qualitative data and information that will be gained from the community studies composed by school and minority group case reports, local archival work, focus-group discussions, and personal interviews.

  • WP 7 Community study
  • WP 8 Comparative community study

Phase 4
will embrace the concluding elements of the research, focusing on final outputs targeted at key academic and policy audiences.

  • WP 9 Final project report and policy recommendations

Phase 5
will embrace the processes and activities that establish links between the subsequent stages of the research, and follow the project from its inception until its concluding. This phase will include continuous efforts devoted to dissemination of major products to a variety of local and international audiences, regular review and assessment activities that safeguard the academic quality and timely completion of outputs, as well as a set of management tasks aimed at the sound management of the consortium in its entirety.

  • WP 10 Review and assessment
  • WP 11 Dissemination and exploitation
  • WP 12 Management and coordination