EDUMIGROM's dissemination activities focus on sharing research findings with the scientific community, policymakers, and the general public. Comparative studies, policy briefs, background reports, survey studies, community studies and other EDUMIGROM publications are made available on these pages, and can be downloaded for research and educational purposes. The project has also drawn up a comparative final study and sets of policy recommendations for the nine target countries of the research.

Policy Recommendations

Country experts have drawn up sets of policy recommendations for EDUMIGROM's target countries. Policy recommendations are available for the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Final Studies

The EDUMIGROM research collective has completed the overall final comparative study of the research initiative. A document summarizing the findings is also available here.

Working papers

EDUMIGROM produced various sets of working papers. Background papers, survey studies, community studies, comparative reports, and other occasional papers present the project’s rich findings from community- and national-level research, as well as from a cross-country, comparative perspective.

Policy Briefs

Policy briefs target the broader international and domestic policymaking and policy research community on specific and timely topics.


Newsletters of the EDUMIGROM undertaking were produced for the general public and present information on project developments, outputs, research plans, other issues of interest, as well as updates from individual EDUMIGROM partners.

National Publications

Members of this research Consortium have also published EDUMIGROM materials in their home countries.