Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the key decision-making body of EDUMIGROM, overseeing the implementation of research objectives and milestones. The Steering Committee is comprised of team leaders of each partner institution and the four members of the Coordinating Team. The Steering Committee relies on the advice and guidence of the Advisory Board and consults the Ethical Review Board when relevant.


Marcus Carson
Team Leader, SU

Lilla Jakobs
Project Manager, CEU CPS

Zuzana Kusa
Team Leader, IS SAS

Ian Law
Team Leader, UNIVLEEDS                 

Eniko Magyari-Vincze
Team Leader, UBB

Vera Messing
Research Coordinator, CEU CPS

Sabine Mannitz
Team Leader, PRIF

Radim Marada
Team Leader, MUNI

Bolette Moldenhawer
Team Leader, UCPH

Maria Nemenyi
Team Leader, IS HAS

Claire Schiff
Team Leader, UVSB

Julia Szalai
Principal Researcher, CEU CPS

Violetta Zentai
Consortium Director and Team Leader, CEU CPS