Sweden (SU)

Department of Sociology
Stockholm University
Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm University is one of the largest in Sweden; over 60% annual budget is allocated for research and postgraduate education. It has a high research profile with 2100 postgraduate students. Sociology is one of the most prestigious departments with an international research profile as seen in the SSCI index, highest among Swedish universities. The Sociology Department also has the highest levels of external funding in the social sciences at StockholmUniversity. The Sociology Department and its affiliate institutions have played an important role in setting policy agendas in Sweden in particular on the future of the welfare state, and the division of power and economic resources between men and women. The departmental profile includes expertise in labor markets and gender/ethnic discrimination, migration and integration, family dynamics and comparative social policy and welfare regimes.

Team Leader: Dr. Marcus Carson
Researchers: Dr. Barbara Hobson
  Dr. Jenny Kallstenius
  Kristina Sonmark