Julia Szalai

Julia Szalai, DSc. is a Research Fellow at the Center for Policy Studies of CEU, as well as a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Sociology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Her research focuses on poverty/social exclusion, comparative history of social policy, class-, gender- and ethnic/racial determinants of participation in various forms of labor and schooling. She has established experience in graduate and post-graduate teaching in Hungary and abroad (University of Strathclyde, GlasgowUK; Rutgers University, NJ; Georgetown University, Washington, DC; University of Wisconsin-Madison). Her recent publications include: The Politics of Recognition and the ’Gypsy Question’. ECE/ECE, 30(1), 2003; Conflicting Struggles for Recognition: Clashing Interests of Gender and Ethnicity in Contemporary Hungary. In Recognition Struggles and Social Movements. ed. Hobson, B. Cambridge: CambridgeU. Press, 2003; Poverty and the Traps of Postcommunist Welfare Reforms in Hungary: The New Challenges of EU Accession. Revija za Socijalnu Politiku, 13(3), 2006.

E-mail: szalai.julia@chello.hu