Meryem Ucan

Meryem Ucan studied Social Work at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and specialized during her studies on community organizing and development. Currently she is working on her PhD thesis in which she discusses patterns of discrimination, exclusion and othering towards immigrants in Germany, yet her focus is on coping strategies employed by second generation immigrants. From 2006 until 2007 she was part of a research project on intercultural aspects of social work in neighborhoods in Berlin. Since 2007 she works in a school project in Berlin with the aim to facilitate the active participation of parents many of whom have migratory background. She has published on the working of integration measures on community level, and on civic engagement of immigrants: "Gibt’s das überhaupt? Bürgerschaftliches Engagement von MigrantInnen [Is there anything like that? Civic Engagement of Immigrants]", in: Sozial extra vol. 11/12, (November 2007); "Das ist wie für mich gemacht’ Wie sozialraumorientierte Angebote erfolgreich auf die Lebenssituation von Heiratsmigrantinnen reagieren [’This is like tailored for me’. How Neighborhood Projects Successfully Adopt to the Circumstances of Marriage Immigrants]", in: Migration und Soziale Arbeit vol. 1, (January 2008).