France (UVSB)

Laboratory for the Analysis of Social Problems and Collective Action (LAPSAC)
Department of Sociology
Victor Segalen University, Bordeaux 2
Bordeaux, France

The LAPSAC (Laboratory for the Analysis of Social Problems and Collective Action) is a research centre based in the Sociology Department of Bordeaux 2 University. It is a research unit recognized and financed by the French Ministry of Research. It counts over twenty researchers and faculty members and over 45 doctoral students. The LAPSAC is also a member institution of two research networks: one focused on higher education and research and the other centered on Haiti. The research experience and expertise of its members are numerous, ranging from ethnicity and inter-cultural relations, schooling and higher education, to social problems and urban issues.

Team Leader: Dr. Claire Schiff
Researchers: Maitena Armagnague
  Evelyne Barthou
  Dr. Georges Felouzis
  Barbara Fouquet
  Dr. Joelle Perroton