My Favorites of Favoriten

by Sara Anselmo, Alumni Scholarship Recipient and MA student in the Department of Gender Studies

Favoriten – Vienna’s largest workers’ district and also its most multicultural one – is home to CEU (and to me!). Because of that, I have had the chance to explore it quite a lot and have fallen in love with its singularities. I really reckon you don’t have to come to Favoriten only for classes and to study, so I will share with you some amazing things you can enjoy around the district!

  • Waldmüller Park - Filled with beautiful trees, flowers, and recreational areas, it is a wonderful option to wander around or to sit down to read. You can even work here while enjoying the sun, as it has some tables!

  • Erholungsgebiet Wienerberg - A nature reserve and recreational area with diverse flora and fauna, perfect for picnics around the pond. It also features a 14km long network of paths; jogging, biking, and running routes; and sports fields.
  • Simit Sokağı - Favoriten has countless delicious Turkish bakeries and this one really close to CEU is one of the tasty examples. Their simit and börek are amazing!

  • Damak Etli Ekmek-Grill Restaurant-Cafe - When in Favoriten, you have to try the phenomenal Turkish Breakfast, and this is my favorite place to have it.
  • Viktor-Adler-Markt - A pop-up farmers market at a walking distance from CEU where you can find the best prices and quality for vegetables and fruits, amongst other products.
  • Amalienbad - (pictured at top) For €4.60, you can swim in one of the most beautiful indoor pools in Vienna – which is just 10 minutes by foot from CEU. Constructed during the period of Red Vienna, it is a magnificent example of Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture.

  • Tichy - What’s better than ice cream after swimming? Just across the square from Amalienbad, you can find one of the best ice cream parlors in Vienna, which has been open since 1952 and still maintains its retro style.

  • Schnauzer & Beagle Brewery - My absolute favorite café and pub in Vienna! They are an independent brewery that produces unique craft beers, serves delicious homemade food, tasty cakes and Melbourne style coffee. They also host super fun events, such as Pub Quiz, Taskmaster, and Music Bingo. And they have Nutmeg, the cutest Beagle that you can pet and serve doggy treats to.